File Recovery after Virus Attack

Nowadays the virus problem is very common to every computer user. When your system is infected by viruses, there is a chance to lose pictures, documents, system files and even the desktop icons may also be erased from your computer. If you didn’t maintain a backup disk, you may lose all of your important documents stored on computer hard drive. Then you may think that the files deleted by virus were gone forever. But the files are simply hidden and they become inaccessible to you. Restoring computer after virus attack is very simple, using File Recovery after Virus Attack program.

In order to avoid data loss due to virus attack, you can install quality antivirus tool in your system. You can also follow precautionary measures to be away from such problems. Even though, following safety measures is not enough in this digital world since there are several ways through which the virus can affect on your hard drive. Sometimes, the viruses may attack on your system, due to browsing of third party websites and downloading contents or applications from the unauthorized sites. Therefore, for restoring computer after virus attack immediately after virus attack, it is better to have a File Recovery after Virus Attack program in your system.

With the help of File Recovery after Virus Attack software, you can restore all lost data from your system drive. You can instantly recover all types of files from the FAT and NTFS partitions. This application can also let you to retrieve deleted files from the USB drive. You can also try once, to find virus deleted files, using free trial version of this software. The demo version can allow you to preview the recovered files like images, videos and other document files.

The usage of USB drives like pen drive is also increasing rapidly because it makes easy to transfer data from one system to another system. However, the USB drives are also main reasons to spread viruses on several computers. If the USB drive that is connected to your system has some viruses, then that can hide all files stored on the system drive. You can miss a complete folder and files from your computer hard disk. You can restore all lost data using a strong recovery application and you can get this software through the link -

The virus can also leads to partition corruption, hard disk damage or file system corruption. Under these situations, all files stored on your computer drive may become inaccessible to you. No matter whether the complete drive becomes inaccessible or the files were deleted, you can access all lost data after virus attack, using a data recovery program. It can help you to recover deleted files from Laptop as well as desktop computers.

By making use of this recovery application, you can scan your hard disk and access all deleted files. This software is not only used for hard drives but it can also work efficiently for restoring computer after virus attack on USB drives, flash memory cards, external hard drive, etc. It can also come to help for restoring computer after virus attack.. You can also use “Save Recovery Session” option, to resume recovery process at any time.

Procedure for recovering files after virus attack:

Step1: First download and install this software on a healthy drive other than the one which is affected by viruses. Then run this software and select “Recover Files” option given on the main page for recovering files after virus attack.

Restoring Computer After Virus Attack   - Main Screen

Step2: Now select “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” option depending on the data loss scenario.

Restoring Computer After Virus Attack  - Recover Deleted Files

Step3: Now select a drive, from which you want to recover files and then click on “Next” option, and leave the program for sometime till the drive scanning process is completed. Finally, you can see the recovered files list.

Restoring Computer After Virus Attack  - Recovered Files

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