Recover Lost Word Documents from Desktop Hard Drive

Utilize the Best File Recovery Program to recover your lost Word documents from desktop hard drive after accidental deletion, formatting, and corruption of the drive. Click on the below download button to get the free download of the software and recover your Word files in three simple steps..!

If you have handled enough files on a regular basis then you have probably experienced the sickening feeling of losing your important documents. Especially, when your 30 page report disappears from your desktop hard drive. Obviously, nobody wants to rewrite the document again that too 30 page report!!! You may lose Word files due to many reasons. You might have accidentally selected Delete option while sending it to your USB drive. As soon as you realize that you have deleted, you checked it in Recycle Bin as it generally goes to recycle Bin. Surprisingly, the Word file is missing in the Recycle Bin too!!!! Why so??? This may be due to lack of free space in the Recycle Bin folder.

Generally, Recycle Bin use 10% of hard disk storage space. When Recycle Bin reaches or exceeds the assigned size, it starts deleting the old files stored in it or the files bypass the Recycle Bin instead of moving to it. Therefore, you may not be able to view deleted Word documents in Recycle Bin resulting in loss of Word files. You may also lose Word files due to virus attack, accidentally formatting the partition that had Word files, file system corruption, sudden power failures etc. But, everything which disappears is not lost forever. The files exist on the hard drive until you save any new files over that storage area.

What happens when Word files are deleted/lost from a hard drive?

Accidentally losing Word files can be a disaster unless you have the professional Word File Restore Utility to restore lost documents. But, before using this software make sure that you have not copied or saved any file over the hard drive from where you lost the documents. As saving any new files over that hard drive may overwrite the old files, there may be a chance of permanently losing the Word files. Therefore, immediately stop using the hard drive as soon as you realize that you have lost the Word documents. Don’t ever try to reformat the drive if you have lost the Word files due to accidental format. Just make use of the tool mentioned in this page to recover Word documents from hard drive.

Best File Recovery Program - Free Software to Recover Lost Word Files from Desktop Hard Drive

Word File Recovery Software can recover lost Word documents in less span of time. It has the ability to recover documents lost due to accidental format, virus attacks, improper system shutdown, file system corruption, sudden power outages etc. It can also retrieve deleted files that bypass the Recycle Bin. It supports Word file recovery on formatted USB drive as well as on hard drives of different brands like Seagate, Western Digital, Hitachi, Samsung, HP etc. The software is also capable enough to recover excel files and PowerPoint documents on Microsoft Windows 10/8/8.1/7/Vista/XP/Server 2003/2008, etc. Other than Word files, the software is also capable of performing hard drive document recovery and retrieving other media file types such as photos and audio files from various storage devices.

Quick Steps to restore lost word documents from desktop hard drive

Step 1: Download and install the Best File Recovery Program on your computer. Launch the software, and Select "Recover Files" option on the main screen. Now choose the drive from where the files are been lost or deleted. Click on the Scan button.

Best File Recovery Program - Welcome Screen

Figure 1: Main Window

Step 2: The software starts scanning the selected drive to locate deleted/lost files.

Best File Recovery Program - Scanning Progress

Figure 2: Scanning in Progress

Step 3: Upon the completion of scanning process, a list of recovered files will be displayed on the screen. You can view recovered files in Data View, and File Type View.

Best File Recovery Program - Recovered Files

Figure 3: Recovered Files

Step 4: Prior saving the recovered files, you can preview each of the recovered file. Just right-click on the file and select Preview option to preview a file.

Best File Recovery Program - Preview File

Figure 4: Preview File

Step 5: Finally, select and save the required files at the location of your choice

Best File Recovery Program - Save File

Figure 5: Save Recovered Files

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