Restore Files from Mobile Phones

  • The highly-efficient technique to retrieve files lost or deleted from phone storage
  • Works with various brands of phones, cameras, iPods and other removable storage drives
  • Helps in getting back files that are lost, formatted, corrupt or deleted from the memory cards
  • Supports all file type formats of pictures, documents, videos, audio etc.
  • It is a read-only tool that will not cause any modifications to the original file structure upon recovery

Today the mobile phones have become an essential part of the day to day life. You might store many important files in the memory card of your cell phone. It may consist of your favorite music or video or memorable pictures. However, at times the data on the phone storage could turn inaccessible. At that very point, you might not exactly know how to recover files from the mobile phone? Well, there are various reasons behind this, one such common scenario is the accidental deletion. If the file is deleted from the memory card of your phone then is not possible to get them back unless you use the recovery tool. As it does, not have the recycle bin to store deleted files. Once you click on delete option it gets erased from the card completely. Or if you connect your phone’s memory card in your system and delete it by mistake then also it gets removed from the card bypassing the Recycle Bin.

Don’t worry!!!  There is a solution to this problem; Best File Recovery program is the perfect solution to get back any missing files. But before going through more about the recovery process, let us discuss some data loss scenarios.

Walk through some common loss of files from the memory card of mobile phones are:

  • File System corruption: File system of the memory card is an essential element because without the file system you will be unable to access files stored on your storage device. When a file system of your mobile phone memory cards gets damaged due to any reasons then all files present in it become inaccessible resulting in loss of the files from it. Use the file recovery program to know how to recover files from the mobile phone

  • Abrupt Removal: When the memory card of a cell phone is connected to the system for file transfer, if you pull out the card abruptly then it will cause loss of these files. Even while previewing files in your system may also cause removal of files from the card if you remove the card abruptly.

  • Using cut + paste option: If you transfer files using the Cut +Paste option to transfer files from memory card to your system then also there is a chance of losing files if your card gets removed or if you pull out abruptly. The fact behind this is that when you use CUT & PASTE option then it gets removed from the source location to get copied in the destined location and if you remove during the transfer process then it causes an interruption causing loss of files.

You can know how to recover files from the mobile phones using Best File Recovery program which is the best tool to recover files from mobile phones. Not only the memory card it can also recover files from an external HDD and other storage devices like flash drives, memory stick, MMC, FireWire drives, etc. There are various reasons due to which you can recover RAW image files from DSLR camera memory card like a virus infection, format error, file system corruption, etc. Follow the link to recover back RAW files from the DSLR camera card. You can also find lost files from Mac OSX, a Mac version of the software is used to recover files from the mobile phones

Steps to know how to recover files from mobile phone:

Step 1- Select "Recover Files" from the main screen after launching the Best File Recovery tool. Continue to select either “Recover Lost Files” or “Recover Deleted Files” accordingly that matches your scenerio.

How to Recover Files from Mobile Phone - Welcome Screen

Fig 1: Main Screen

Step 2- Browse the memory card storage which is connected to the system from the list of available drives.

How to Recover Files from Mobile Phone - Select Suitable Option

Fig 2: Select Memory Card

Step 3- After the completion of the recovery process, all the recovered files are listed on the basis of “File Type View” or “Data View”.

How to Recover Files from Mobile Phone - View Recovered Files

Fig 3: Recovered Files

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