Windows XP Lost File Recovery Program

  • A remarkable tool that restores lost or deleted files from Windows XP systems
  • Makes data recovery possible from all existing versions of Windows OS
  • The program scans the storage and extracts the required files
  • Even permanently deleted files can be retrieved in simple clicks
  • Retrieves spreadsheets, presentation files, Word files, pictures, audio, video and so on

There are various types of files that are present in the system which includes audio files, video files graphics, texts, documents and some system generated files that are required by the computer for the completion of certain tasks assigned by the user. The loss of files has become very common these days as the information present in the system are lost due to a simple mistake been done by the user. With a reliable file recovery tool in hand, you need not worry so much about your lost files. Don’t keep thinking about how to find the lost file in Windows XP. Here is an application with its that is been designed with a simple graphical user interface enables you to bring back lost files back in a less span of time.

There are different types of storage devices used in our day to day life. The most popular device for sharing of information from one system to other system is the pen drive. As this device is used for transfer of files there are many chances that loss of important files occurs during the process. Are you thinking about how to find the lost file in Windows XP? Click on the link to get more information about the recovery procedure of those files from pen drive.

Loss of file from the Windows XP Operating System occurs due to:

  • Partitioning Error: Partitioning is nothing but a technique in which the drives present in the operating system are divided into smaller drives to store data in an arranged manner. You can also use the third-party tool to perform the process but if the process of partitioning is not done properly then it will lead to loss of all files present in that partition.
  • Change of file system: File system conversion of the particular drive without a proper back up may lead to loss of certain files. Unintentionally canceling the process of file system change may cause damage to the drive and also results in the loss of files and other types of information present in it.
  • System Crash: The main reason that causes the system to crash is the virus and you can go here to restore files on your computer after the virus attack. An uneven supply of power is also considered to be the main reason behind a system crash. It can also be caused by the unchecked registry entries that are present in the system.

File Recovery Tool is the best application that is designed by the most qualified software professionals to restore files that are lost from the system. Scanning of the selected drives takes place with the help of the powerful scanning engines. The tool features a Find option that helps to find the list of restored files after the completion of the scanning process. This application supports the restoration of PPT files (Go to to know how you can perform PPT file restoration) from various types of file systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and exFAT. Unique options are provided in this tool which helps you to view the list of files in “Data View” or “File Type View” format. File Type View allows the viewing of the files on the basis of their extensions, and in Data View hierarchical representation of files and folders is provided as similar to Windows Explorer. This software is not only used to recover lost files on Windows XP, but you can also be used to recover files from Windows 8 hard drive as well as from Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista etc. with ease. Save Recovery Session feature also comes in handy as the user can start or stop the scanning process at will. This software is also capable of recovering lost files after a system restore within a few mouse clicks.

How to perform Windows XP Lost File Recovery?

Step 1: Install the application in the system and run the program. “Recover Files” is to be clicked to begin the scanning program of the lost file. After that, you'll get a window of "Recover Lost Files" and "Recover Deleted Files" options to know how to find the lost file in Windows XP.

How to Find a Lost File in Windows XP - Welcome Screen

Step 2: Click on the “Recover Lost Files” from the next window and select the drive that needs to be scanned to restore the lost file.

How to Find a Lost File in Windows XP - Welcome Screen

Step 3: The restored files are listed in “Data View” or “File Type View” which makes it easier for the user to select the restored list of files.

How to Find a Lost File in Windows XP - Welcome Screen