Recover Deleted files from Laptop

  • A perfect tool to undeleted files from laptops with simple clicks
  • Supports all sorts of disk file systems
  • Deleted, formatted, lost or corrupt files can be retrieved
  • The software instantly scans the laptop storage and extracts files from the it
  • Allows users to preview the data after a scan process
  • Performs recovery on internal drives, external HDD, SSD, FireWire drives etc.

The laptops are the compact devices are built with hard drives which are capable of storing a huge amount of information in the disk partitions. A loss of data from hard disk is a quite common issue with the laptop hard disk. Your laptop may contain important files related to office work so if your files get deleted from it then this may halt all your office work. Don't you worry anymore if you encounter any data loss issues with the laptop HD. The files which are removed from the system are not permanently lost, they are present in some part of the drive only the entry to the particular file has been removed. By using Laptop Deleted File Recovery program which is developed with remarkable features you can restore all your deleted data from the laptop within a minimum span of time.

Facts responsible for the deletion of files from a laptop hard disk:

  • Empty Recycle Bin: When you delete files from the laptop they are not actually removed but they are redirected to the recycle bin folder which is a temporary location to store deleted files, present in the Windows operating system. In this process, you may delete an important file by mistake and while emptying the recycle bin you cleared it without checking. After some days when searching for that file you found out that you have erased it from the system.

  • Using Shift+Delete: While working on the laptop the user may select the file and accidentally click on "Shift+Delete" combination key from the keyboard, as a result, it leads to the permanent deletion of those files bypassing the Recycle Bin. Hence the loss of files. But you can bring back missing files from the Recycle Bin using file recovery program.

  • System Restore: System Restore option present in the Windows operating system restores settings to an earlier time as that was present when the OS was first installed. Restoring the operating system installed in the laptop to an earlier time may also cause deletion of files. All the documents and other types of files that are present in the desktop get deleted without our knowledge.

The ultimate way to restore laptop data

Laptop deleted file recovery software is designed and developed by industry experts which provides an excellent feature of recovering lost or deleted files whatever may be the reason for a loss. Using the most advanced options that have been included within the software tool you can easily get files back of various types that were present in the system. The restored data is listed on the basis of file name, size of the file, many types of extensions that are used and the date of creation of the particular file. With the save recovery session feature, the recovery process can be saved at any point in time and the user can start the process from where it had been stopped. This is of great advantage as he need not scan the entire drive again to restore the lost files. As the graphical user interface has been designed with the utmost care the data which has been recovered can be previewed prior to saving them on the desired location as available to the host system. You can find missing files from the laptop hard disk on Windows operating system. To recover deleted files from the Mac OS and to save the file in the safe place you need to use the Mac version of the software.

Steps to recover deleted files from the laptop:

Step 1: Install the Laptop Deleted File Recovery application in your laptop. Choose the “Recover Files” option to begin with the file restoration process.

How Can i Recover Deleted Files From My Laptop - Main Screen

Step 2: Select the “Recover Deleted Files” to get deleted files back from the laptop. After that select the drive from where the files have been lost and then proceed with the scanning process.

How Can i Recover Deleted Files From My Laptop - Select Drive

Step 3: The recovered data can be viewed prior to saving it to the desired location on the destination folder available to the host operating system.

How Can i Recover Deleted Files From My Laptop - Recovered Files

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