Excel File Recovery

Worried due to lost Excel file? Relax there is no reason to be worried about, as it is now possible to recover Excel sheet using the sophisticated Best File Recovery Program. It is a smart and very well renowned software that repairs unreadable spreadsheets and provides complete and accurate recovery from damaged excel sheets. The excel file recovery software is also capable of recovering a Word file on formatted USB drive. Excel sheet is the attribute of MS Office, which is mainly used to record data in forms of rows and columns.

Excel sheet is used by both corporate and home users, corporate may use it to maintain companies' data and other work, whereas home user may use it to manage their day to day work, the use of Excel sheet are many. And factors due to which a spreadsheet data becomes inaccessible are also many. It might get corrupted due to improper closing of application, due to virus attack, due to Operating System failure, Excel sheet data may be lost due to change in version of MS Office whether it may be from lower to higher version or from higher to lower or due to accidental deletion of the file. So here are some of the factors due to which data from Excel sheet is lost. After data loss, avoid overwriting of data, and stop the use of MS Office, so as to avoid overwriting of data. You can get back deleted or lost excel files using third party file recovery program, in almost all the scenarios. In order to restore files that are deleted from your computer, after virus attack, you can visit - https://www.bestfilerecoveryprogram.com/restoring-computer-after-virus-attack.html.

MS office provides an inbuilt tool to repair the corrupted spreadsheet file but in case of severe damage or corrupt the recovered data is not possible. So you need a professional Excel file recovery tool like best file recovery program that can find lost data from Windows XP after virus attack, system crash, application malfunction, etc. Refer this page to read more about file recovery in Windows XP. The tool is loaded with a strong algorithm that repairs corrupted Excel file and restores the inaccessible data in its original form without further damaging the corrupted file. The software repair Excel files from all versions of Microsoft Excel including 95, 2000, XP, 2003, 2007 and 2010. Check out the site to get info about file recovery from mobile phones. The best file recovery programs comes with a very user friendly interface so that a person with less computer knowledge can also use the software and recover lost data from damaged excel file. The software can retrieve lost RAW image files from digital camera memory card, pen drives, memory sticks, hard disks and other external storage drives. The tool not only recover Excel sheet, documents, notes, word file but also can recover MP3 music file from frozen iPod Classic and other devices. It supports Windows 7, XP, vista and other versions of Windows. So problem with corrupted Excel file, you just need to click some simple mouse clicks to sort it out by using best file recovery program which is available in demo as well as in full version.

There are various systems that are present in today's world like laptops, notebooks, deskstops, and many other system which are widely used among the system users. Hence with the help of advanced features included in the program the user can recover deleted files from laptop and other systems effectively. Go to www.bestfilerecoveryprogram.com/how-can-i-deleted-from-my-laptop.html so that you can view the detailed process of laptop file recovery.

Steps for Excel file recovery:

Step 1- Download and Install the demo version of Best File Recovery Program to recover Excel sheet. After launching the software successfully select the suitable option from the welcome screen.

Excel File Recovery - Welcome screen

Fig 1- Welcome screen

Step 2- Then either select “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” depending on your file loss scenarios from which you want to perform recovery of Excel file.

Excel File Recovery - Select Option screen

Fig 2- Select Option screen

Step 3- Select the logical drive from which you want to perform recovery of Excel file and then click on “Next” to initiate the file recovery process.

Excel File Recovery - Select drive screen

Fig3- Select drive screen

Step 4- You can view the files that are recovered by the software along with their details after the recovery process is completed on the basis of which you can also evaluate the recovery chances.

Excel File Recovery - Preview of recovered Data screen

Fig 4- Preview of recovered Data screen

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