Best lost file recovery program

Are you Searching for a complete lost file recovery program? Then you’re on the right page which may end your search. Best file recovery software is the one you are looking for. That performs a deep drive scan of the hard drive and recovers each and every single file. Software is loaded with the strongest algorithm and can restore lost files like audio, video, documents and other using the most reliable software. Best lost file recovery program will help you to restore files on Mac OS X and Windows computer in few clicks.

Losing data is an unexpected thing that can happen to anyone and which is the most irritating thing. Losing a file or data may put you in trouble. But with the use of best file recovery software you can come out from this kind of trouble. Before moving ahead with the software and its features, first take a look at the scenarios in which file may be lost.

  • Accidental deletion: You may lose/delete a file accidentally. Suppose you were trying deleted a particular file and by mistake you selected all and by pressing the delete button you may lose the file.
  • Due to formatting: Suppose you formatted your computer hard drive and forgot to take backup, which may result in file or important data loss.
  • Virus infection: When your data is exposed to the virus/malware/spyware programs it makes your data inaccessible and result in data or file lose.
  • Improper system shutdown: Your system may shutdown in a improper way due to reasons like power surge, internal software conflict or interrupts may be the reasons for your sudden system shutdown.

It’s always a good practice to maintain or have the backup of important files and data. So that you can use them at time of data/file loss scenarios. But with the help of lost file recovery program it is no more a big issue. The software is designed by the team of experts and has the ability to restore lost files from hard drive, pen drive memory cards etc. It can efficiently retrieve music files lost from frozen iPod Classic. And not only music files but software can be used to retrieve RAW image files from digital camera memory card, SD card, XD card and other storage drives. Using this software you can recover files deleted from recycle bin using shift+del combination easily. Best file recovery program can retrieve deleted files from partitions (RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 array). It has the simplest of the GUI so that a normal user can perform recovery of file on its own. Tool also provide a “Find” option using which you can sorted the files on the basis of name, date, size and file type. You can also recover PPT files from the system after accidental deletion, empty recycle bin & improper file transfer. Best lost file recovery program is present in two versions. Demo version is free of cost to use and once you are happy with the result you can purchase the paid version for saving recovered data.

Simple steps to Restore Lost Files:

Step 1- Download and Install the demo version of Best Lost File Recovery program. After running the software successfully select “Recover Files”from the welcome screen.

Lost File Recovery Program - Welcome Screen

Fig.1: Welcome Screen

Step 2- Then either select “Recover Lost Files” to restore lost files.

Lost File Recovery Program - Select Suitable Option

Fig.2: Select Suitable Option

Step 3- After that you have to select the logical drive from which you have lost the files and then click on “Next” to initiate the file recovery process.

Lost File Recovery Program - Select Logical drive

Fig.3: Select Logical drive

Step 4- You can view the files that are recovered by the software along with their details after the recovery process is finished.

Lost File Recovery Program - Recovered files

Fig.4- Recovered files

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Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

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