Word Document Recovery from formatted USB drive

For a period of long time, if you have been working on the Word documents then it is frightening when you suddenly lose those files due accidental format. For example, say you saved some essential Word documents related to your office that you have created at home work on a USB drive. But, when you connect that USB drive to your computer to view those Word files at the office, you get an error message like “The Disk in Drive E is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” When you get this error, you disconnected the USB and again connected it to your PC to access those Word files. Again, you are getting the same error, which is not allowing you to access the Word files. Now, you might have directly clicked on the Yes option to access the Word files without knowing the result.

After that, when you open the USB drive, you are shocked to see that there are no files on your USB drive. This is because, your drive has been formatted. Formatting is the process of deleting entire data from the storage device and then creating a new file system to store new files. Therefore, you are not able to view the documents and all other files in the USB drive after clicking on Yes option. USB drive has become the latest standard for computer components. The main advantage of a USB drive is that, the data transfer rate is extensively faster compared to SCSI interface.  USB drives have a maximum data transfer speed of about 100Mbps.  But, generally USB drives operate in the range of 18-28 Mbps. It uses flash technology to store large amount of data that can retain data even when the power is turned off. But, human errors like accidental formatting of USB drive do not protect your data against data loss. There are some cases in which you need to intentionally format the USB drive like virus attacks, file system corruption etc. Don’t Worry!!! Best data recovery software for formatted USB drive recovery is here to help you out in recovering lost Word files from intentionally or unintentionally formatted USB drives.

This software can also recover lost files of the type like spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, text files etc. deleted or lost from USB drives. It supports to recover document from USB drive of various brands like Kingston, Transcend, SanDisk, HP etc. Before using this software, you should make sure that the files are not overwritten by any new files. This is because, once the files get overwritten by new files then the Word document recovery from USB become worse. Therefore, avoid using the formatted USB drive to store new files. The software can easily retrieve lost file from external USB drive due to USB drive corruption, improper system shutdown, sudden power failure etc. The software not only enables you to recover formatted Word documents from a USB drive, it can also restore music files from iPod Classic frozen due to corruption. Corruption may arise due to virus attack or file system corruption. It can recognise various type of files on the basis of their unique signature and then recover those files with utmost ease. If you have lost or deleted some impotant images from your digital camera's then also you can use this software to recover RAW photos from DSLR camera memory card like SD cards, CF cards, MMC, XD cards in just few clicks. Mac version of the software also helps you to restore files on Mac OS X machines with ease. Download free demo version of this software and follow the below mentioned steps. It can restore different types of files like PDF, excel, word, PPT, etc. Go to the page to know the recovery procedure of PDF file.

Only 3 easy and simple steps to restore files from formatted USB drive

Step 1: First,  you need to connect formatted USB drive to your computer then launch the USB drive Recovery Software. Once you launch the application, select “Recover  Photos” option from the main screen then select “Recover Lost Photos” from the next screen to retrieve Word documents from formatted USB drive

Best File Recovery Program - Welcome Screen

Step 2: Select formatted USB drive and then click on “Next” option to  start the recovery process.

Best File Recovery Program - Welcome Screen

Step 3: Once the data recovery process is done, you can view recovered data using “Preview” option

File Recovery For Windows - View Recovered Files

Tips to avoid future data loss from USB drive

  • Always, take full backup of your important documents before formatting the USB drive
  • Make use of “Safely Remove Hardware” icon to properly disconnect the USB drive.
  • Use updated and effective antivirus programs to avoid loss of data due virus attacks

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