External Hard Drive File Recovery


Have you have accidentally formatted your external hard drive consisting backup of your important files or your favorite film? Also ever you converted your external hard drive system from FAT to NTFS file system with errors. If you need your data back then you can still restore files from external hard drive using Best File Recovery Program. This software is having built in feature to scan the entire drive and recover data from Windows XP & also other versions of Windows OS very quickly making data recovery process extremely fast and reliable. Thus corresponding External Hard Drive file recovery tool is being used and makes it easy for you to restore lost files from removable devices both on Mac and Windows.

Common External Hard Drive File Loss Scenarios:

  • Accidentally formatted/reformatted external hard drive: External hard drive is primarily a generic hard drive, with the difference that it uses an USB casing or a FireWire interface to connect to a PC, which remains absent in case of consistent hard drive. As the external hard disk also contains different partitions, there are chances that you might unintentionally format USB drive resulting in data loss. You can recover files from external hard drive even after format with External Hard Drive File Recovery software.
  • Incomplete Data Transfer: External hard drive is usually used to backup or store large files. So much of data transfer involved, power loss or improper shutdown of laptop or system may result in data loss.
  • Repartitioning the external hard drive leads to data loss: When it is required to re-partition the external hard drive, there are chances that you might re-partition the external hard drive without taking the necessary backup leading to severe data loss.
  • Overwriting data on the external hard drive: External hard drive plays an important role in backup of data and also saves a disk image of their hard drive on their external hard drive. However, there is case in point when the user saves disk image twice on the external hard drive, but in middle through the process realizes the mistake and stops the process, leading to partial overwriting. External hard drive restoration is likely in such circumstances.

The software is capable to restore files from external hard drive. Follow the mentioned link to know how the External Hard Drive File Recovery tool allows to retrieve deleted files from laptop hard drive & other storage devices like USB external hard drives, iPods, Firewrie drivers and flash memory cards. After accidental factory reset, to recover MP3 music files from iPod Classic you can use this software. This software can recover files from external hard drive having bad sectors using disk image on Windows Operating system. RAW Images can be restored from DSLR camera in memory card. With this tool, you can easily recover deleted excel files, Word documents and PPT files. Using this software you can even recover files deleted from recycle bin with simple mouse clicks.

Steps to Restore Files from External Hard Drive:

Step1: Download and install the demo version of External Hard Drive File Recovery. After launching the software successfully select "Recover Files" from the welcome screen.

External Hard Drive File Recovery - Recover Files

Step2: Select "Recover Deleted Files" or "Recover Lost Files" depending on your file loss scenarios as shown in Fig2:

External Hard Drive File Recovery - Recover Deleted Files

Step3: Select the logical drive from which you have lost the files and then click on "Next" to start the file recovery process.

External Hard Drive File Recovery - Logical Drives

Step3: Upon completion of drive scanning, you will get list of recovered files. If you are satisfied with the application, buy the software to save recovered files.

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